Saturday, May 21, 2011

[Update 38: Cisco's IPCF] PCRF - DPI Compatibility Matrix

The PCRF-DPI matrix was updated to reflect Cisco's new PCRF (see "Cisco Adds Its Own PCC to M.O.V.E" - here).

I asked Jim O'Leary (picture), Sr. Market Development Manager, Cisco, whether the new product interoperates with other vendors' PCEFs (after all, that's the idea behind standards compliance). Jim said that "We interface today with other vendors from our GGSN, PGW, DPI etc… Some of those partners had supplied us with PCRF and other functions like HSS, OCS, OFCS. Our Intelligent Policy Control Function – (IPCF ) does interface standard Gx, Gxa (R7-R9)".

So, not yet.  



  1. Azi,

    I just saw your post and maybe I not as clear on my answer to your e-mail question so let me try this again.
    There is no reason as to why we cannot interoperate with another vendors PCEF from our new IPCF.
    We adhere to the standards as I thought that I said, but we have not been asked to test this operation as
    we just launched this offering. So technically it should work fine and we should be able to interoperate
    With other PCEFs.

  2. Jim - thanks for the clarification - so I should also clarify my last statement.

    What I meant was that no interoperability was announced yet, with a 3rd party PCEF element - DPI (which I follow in my matrix) or other. Of course, using standards should make it very easy to perform IOTs and implement mixed-vendors solutions.