Friday, May 27, 2011

Mobixell Wins 10 New Accounts - Sees "regional twists" in MNO Needs

Mobixell announced "..  that it has closed an additional 10 mobile Internet platform deals with worldwide mobile operators over a span of just 6 months ... these ten operators chose Mobixell Seamless Access, the company's Mobile Internet Platform because of its strong video optimization and policy driven service orchestration capabilities .. The combined subscriber base for the mobile operators involved in these deals tops 140 million with a combined traffic volume in the neighborhood of 40 petabytes per month".

See "Worldwide Mobile Optimization Trend Supported by 10 New Deals with Mobixell in Only 6 Months" - here.

"This trend is global, but with regional twists. In North America and Western Europe  .. mobile operators are looking to push off capacity investments. .. seeking out video and Web optimization technologies .. In Asia Pacific ..  immediate needs include implementing a unified, policy-driven Mobile Internet Platform with centralized management for all data traffic and services. However, Mobixell finds that mobile operators in APAC are also making it a priority to select platforms with strong video optimization capabilities to be ready when the inevitable data traffic crunch hits their region"

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