Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AT&T Plans to Launch Wireless Consumer Security Service


Source: Malicious Mobile Threats report 2010/2011
Juniper Networks
 Up until recently, security was a non-issue for wireless devices (i.e. smartphone, tablets) - mainly due to the small number of connected devices (compared to traditional windows based PCs), their limited capabilities, and the diversity of operating systems. Now, a number of reports indicate that these devices are on the radar (see "At Risk: Global Mobile Threat Study Finds Security Vulnerabilities at all Time Highs for Mobile Devices" - here - and chart).

While security specialist Arbor Networks said recently that "Mobile Operators Lack Visibility and Control over Security threats" (here), we learned that "AT&T Develops Mobile Security"- here.

Sinead Carew reports to Reuters that AT&T ".. plans to launch a wireless security service for consumers next year to help combat a big rise in cyber attacks on mobile devices". 

John Stankey (picture), the head of AT&T's enterprise business, said he had ".. seen a big spike in security attacks on cellphones .. Hackers always go to where there's a base of people to attack ..AT&T would probably launch such services in 2012 .. When you start asking them what's your willingness to pay for a solution, if they're not a little frightened, their willingness to pay is nothing .. It'll take a little time for this in the mass market".

See "AT&T plans consumer security service for 2012" - here.

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