Friday, May 20, 2011

France Hadopi - Shows Success (while working)

2 interesting stories about France's HADOPI government agency responsible to IMPLMENT the Internet 3-strikes anti-piracy law (See "The French Internet Police: 100,000 Warring Emails have been Sent" - here) published by The Register.

First, it seems (or at least reported in the UK) that the French 3-strikes system works and supported by the public (!):

"[UK] Shadow culture minister Ivan Lewis [picture] has cited new research from France to support anti-piracy enforcement online. Lewis quoted research suggesting that 50 per cent of internet users state Hadopi prompts them to use more legal content and 41 per cent said it persuaded them to change their net habits, while 50 per cent supported the Three Strikes system".

See "Labour: France's pirate-bashing Hadopi laws work" - here.

However does the system work? Is it safe?:  "Eric Walter, France's secretary general of internet piracy, made the announcement over Twitter on Tuesday, saying that Hadopi, short for the High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights, was taking control of Trident Media Guard “following the leak of IP addresses.”

See "France's official P2P monitoring firm hacked" - here.

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