Monday, May 2, 2011

DPI Deployments (66): SK Broadband [Korea] Deployed Procera for High-Volume Data Traffic Visibility

Procera Networks does a good job in convincing customers to be named and/or quoted in press release (this year alone we have sseen Tele2, ACS, Cox [because of SEC regulations - see also here, 2 weeks ago], Yoigo, and 3 Scandinevia). Not that we can learn what exactly each quoted ISP is doing with the DPI gear, but that's much more than everybody else.

Today the vendor announced that "SK Broadband, Korea's second largest Internet Service Provider (ISP), has successfully deployed its PacketLogic solutions .. SK Broadband runs Procera's flagship PacketLogic PL10014 and PacketLogic PL1420 Intelligence Center solutions to support their high data traffic volumes and provide real-time traffic information, traffic analysis capabilities, and the ability to enforce granular policies to SK Broadband's network operations"

SK Broadband serves 4 million broadband Internet subscribers.

See "Procera Networks’ PacketLogic Solutions Successfully Deployed at Korea’s SK Broadband" - here.

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