Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Allot's Intelligent Charging Solution to be Implemented in 9 Countries

Allot announced a new product, Allot ChargeSmart, and said it ".. has been selected by a multinational mobile operator .. and will be deployed in nine countries, serving approximately 30 million subscribers.  Allot’s intelligent charging solution is unique in its ability to accurately identify OTT (over-the-top) applications in high speed networks.  .. One of the implementations of ChargeSmart for post-paid subscribers is a Social Networking Plan that makes applications such as Facebook, MySpace & Twitter ‘toll-free’, whilst all other application traffic is counted against the monthly quota .. Using ChargeSmart to meter usage in real time, the operator notifies the subscriber when their usage approaches the quota limit and redirects them to a portal where the subscriber can top-up volume, if desired".

See "Allot’s Intelligent Charging Solution Selected by Multinational Mobile Operator to Deploy New Pricing Models" - here.

Recently, KPN announced a plan to change its mobile data charging model in a similar way - see "KPN [Uses DPI] to Charge Extra for VoIP, Messaging and Streaming Video" - here.  Allot and Openet presented  a joint PCEF/PCRF solution for smart charging - see "Allot - Openet: Monetizing and Controlling OTT Applications Use Cases" - here.

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