Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review of Current LTE Pricing, by Openet

Openet published a white paper that "examines some of the pricing and packaging used by operators in launching LTE services".

The operators covered are: TeliaSonera [here], Netcom Norway, Telia Denmark, Sonera Finland, EMT Estonia, Omnitel Lithuania, MetroPCS [here], A1 Austria, Verizon wireless [here], CSL, Vodafone Germany [here], NTT DoCoMo and Deutsche Telekom

The document "LTE Pricing and Packaging - Current Operator LTE Pricing and Packaging Overview" is downloadable here.

".. The specific usage limits imposed by mobile operators vary dramatically, ranging from 20-30 GB/month in many European markets, to 10GB/month or less in the US and 5GB/month in other markets like Japan. Once these caps are reached, operators are applying a mixture of throttling and overage charges, with no uniformity .. As of May 2011, it can be seen that LTE is focused on meeting the needs of a small subset of users. Operators are starting to innovate with their data plans and during the writing of this report several operators changed their pricing plans in a drive to attract new LTE subscribers"

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