Saturday, September 17, 2011

[Analysys Mason]: MNOs Need a New Approach to Compete with OTT VoIP

Voice is still the major revenue source for MNOs (see chart below), but the threat from Over-the-top VoIP services grows, with the penetration of smartphones, open Internet access and standard operating systems.
A new research by Stephen Sale (pictured), Principal Analyst, and Tom Rebbeck, Research Director, Analysys Mason finds that "Over-the-top mobile VoIP applications such as Google Voice, Skype and Viber are gaining traction among smartphone users. .. The interest in over-the-top services is symptomatic of how mobile devices are changing. Previously under the rigid control of mobile operators, handsets are opening up to new players and to new forms of customer usage .. Operator responses have been muddled so far. Short-term measures, such as blocking or charging a premium for third-party VoIP services, fail to address the issue in a sustainable manner"

See Analysys Mason's "scenario-based approach to help players engage with longer-term market developments and to frame their own response" -  "Over-the-top providers could capture as much as 16% of mobile voice revenue in the next five years" - here.

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