Friday, September 23, 2011

Telecom Italia: QoE and OTT Partnership Needed for Mobile Revenue Growth

A year ago Telecom Italia's CEO said (referring to OTT content providers) -  "The mismatch between investments and revenue is set to compromise the economic sustainability of the current business model for telecom companies" (here).
Back then, this approach was not unique to TI - we heard similar things from DT (here) and FT (here). However, consulting and research firms (e.g. - Analysys Mason - here; ABI - hereYankee - here) recommended the "if you can't beat then, so join them" approach, and indeed we heard different statements and actions -DT (here) and FT (here) changed their position, and now, TI also presents a different view.
Mobile World L!ive reports from Huawei Global  Mobile Broadband Forum 2011 - on Michele Gamberini (pictured), director of Wireless Networks at Telecom Italia presentation:

"..there is demand for reliable, speedy and excellent quality services from smartphone and mobile broadband users .. we in Telecom Italia believe that quality of experience will play a key role in getting more out of mobile broadband .. Delivering a high-quality service to customers will also be one of the key tools in enabling operators to generate revenue when offering content from over-the-top providers (such as YouTube), an issue which has previously been widely discussed by operators .. we have to recognise the traction they create in the market.. [the solution is to] combine our innovation with their services .. We have to provide the whole quality of experience"
See "TI sees network quality as crucial to mobile broadband success" - here.

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