Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Optimization Deployments: Umniah [Jordan] Improves Performance by 90% with Bluecoat Cache

Bluecoat announced recently that "new data collected from live deployments shows that Blue Coat® CacheFlow® 5000 appliances for carrier caching can dramatically improve user Web experience. This data demonstrates that CacheFlow appliances achieve, on average, ten times faster Web downloads for video and other Web 2.0 content, which can lead to dramatically improved customer satisfaction. Blue Coat has made testing tools available, so that customers evaluating the CacheFlow solution can test end-to-end response time in their own environment to quantify the user experience benefit."

"One mobile operator, Umniah in Jordan, with over two million subscribers, reported an overall browsing performance increase of 90 percent using CacheFlow appliances, resulting in a 95 percent decrease in customer complaints. A rural ISP, North-Eastern Pennsylvania Telephone Company, was able to add premium, high speed Internet access to its service offerings once it deployed the CacheFlow solution"

See "New Data Shows Service Providers Can Make Web Downloads Ten Times Faster Using CacheFlow Appliances" - here.


  1. as a new user in umax i really didnt expect perfect signal but no signal at all for 8 days .... and after i threaten them that ill give there stuff back and take my money they fix it (not very much)... i mean really do i have 2 call you for 8 days & threat you to give me what i payed for?!
    The "Contract" is really silly like we will give you 2-4MB line and 30GB download limit in month but we don't write it in contract we just tell you and you have to trust us (well my bad that i did)

    Don't connect with umniah the signal is week or 0% there prices like the other isp's they liers liers liers and they d/c alot 4-5 times in 1hr with 3-10min to get back online.

  2. Now here's the deal with Umniah's EVO program. I get awesome download speeds (between 850KB-950KB), but that's pretty much it. The first night I got it, I downloaded about 2GB worth of stuff and then went to bed. I wake up the next day only to find that the 10JD's that I charged my account with is gone. The advertised 10GB for 10JDs. I figured maybe because I left my location services on, that may have used up 8GB (which I'm pretty sure is impossible, but whatever). The next day, I fill my account up with another 10JDs, and turned my location services off. This time I downloaded about 1.5GB, and went to bed. Surprise, surprise. Account empty again. Now I'm pissed off. I call Umniah, but, of course, the English customer service representative does not speak English. So after an hour of trying to explain my situation, and him arguing with me, telling me I'm wrong (I'm an electronics engineer by the way), I give up and give in. I go buy another 10 JD card. This time, I download about 5GB, and everything seemed fine. Then after 2 days and 32JDs total spent, they cut me off. My max download speed is 10KBps. So all I really have to say is F#€|< YOU UMNIAH, and you too Jordanian government for letting this company steal from your people.