Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DPI/Cache Wins: Allot Deployed by LTE MNO as "Fixed Alternative"

Allot Communications announced the "the deployment of its Allot Service Gateway solution, in a major European operator’s 4G rollout, which will enable the operator’s vision of providing a fixed network alternative. The LTE rollout incorporates network intelligence built-in from the ground up as an integral part of the LTE architecture. This will enable optimized delivery of data at rates up to 100Mbps and the implementation of value-based charging and innovative service plans .. Allot’s 3GPP compliant solution accurately identifies OTT (over-the-top) application traffic in real time at speeds of up to 160 Gbps per platform. This provides subscriber, application and network intelligence previously unavailable to policy and charging systems.  With granular usage information, operators can better monetize network traffic in ways that reflect its true value for both the operator and the subscriber.  Services enabled through the Allot solution include premium video-caching and optimization, as well as tailored packages, where particular application traffic is zero-rated against the subscriber’s data cap. ".

See "Allot Service Gateway Deployed in Tier 1 European LTE Rollout - Mobile operator supporting over 30 million subscribers expands deployment from 3G to 4G" - here.

Also today, Mobile World l!ve reports that Tom Witzschel, regional director for Vodafone Germany, said that "the company is set to double the number of LTE base stations it has in operation in the coming months, increasing the total from the current 1,000 .. In addition to selling a home router and dongles to provide access to LTE data services, the company is also offering a home box which supports voice telephony - We have a chance in the rural areas to replace the fixed network, and this is very interesting to us ..  100TB of data is crossing the operator’s LTE infrastructure each week, which was described as “very huge numbers for the start of a network”. See also - "Vodafone Uses DPI and Policy Management to Improve QoE (and the vendors are..)" - here.

On June 30, 2011 Vodafone Germany had 36M mobile subscribers. of which 27,000 were LTE customers (here).

See "Vodafone set for German LTE network boost" - here.

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