Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Netflix Enforces #of Concurrent Viewing Sessions Restrictions

Phillip Dampier (pictured) reports to "Stop the Cap!" ("Promoting Better Broadband, Fighting Data Caps, Usage-Based Billing, & Other Internet Overcharging Schemes") hart "Netflix streaming customers who happen to share their account with other family members are having a frustrated Labor Day weekend as Netflix completes implementation of strict new limits on the number of concurrent video streams available for viewing". 

Officially, Netflix allows concurrent streaming on the same account based on the number of "X disc out at-a-time" and only one session for "stream-only plan". However ".. many of our readers have told us they have never had problems running two or even three concurrent streams at the same time on a “stream-only” plan… until recently".

Customer options are:
  1. Pay considerably more for a combo disc-rental/streaming plan which unlocks a corresponding number of concurrent streams.  If you want two concurrent video streams, you will need to pay $19.98 a month, which also allows you two mailed DVD’s out at a time.  Three streams (and DVD’s) runs $23.98, four: $29.98;
  2. Sign up for a second Unlimited Streaming account at an additional $7.99 a month
See "Netflix Cracks Down on Sharing: One Stream Per Customer Unless You Pay More" - here.

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