Sunday, September 25, 2011

Current Analysis Assessment of Tekelec's Policy Manager

Tekelec published Current Analysis' assessment of its (ex-Camiant) policy management product - Tekelec Policy Server (here).

Naturally this is a good report, and according to Joe McGarvey (pictured), Principal Analyst, IP Services Infrastructure: "The Tekelec Policy Server is very threatening in the policy control segment of the telecommunications industry. .. is at or near the top of the competitive landscape in multiple buying criteria, including performance, deployments (both quantity and industry profile), features, and flexibility, as well as interoperability with third-party policy and charging ecosystem components".

"The Tekelec Policy Server is deployed in over 50 networks, including several
prominent mobile operators, such as Vodafone [with Allot's DPI - here], Telefonica [here], and Verizon Wireless’ [here] groundbreaking LTE network"

As can be seen in my PCRF-DPI compatibility matrix (here), Tekelec is one of the two (and first) PCRF vendors to reach interoperability with all major DPI vendors. According to Joe Tekelec's product "Interoperability Partners for DPI and Charging (deployed in the fi eld and through lab IOT): "Allot, Bytemobile, Cisco, Comverse, F5, Flash Networks, Openwave, Procera, and Sandvine. Policy Server also interoperates with more than 20 other products in the following categories: CSCF, SBC, IMS HSS, video on demand, and access gateways".

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