Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flash Networks LTE Tests: 40% Load Reduction, 40-60% Acceleration

According to Flash Networks, while LTE networks provide high bandwidth, there is still room for improvement. The optimization vendor announced that "test results from its deployment on a live 4G wireless network, in which Flash Networks’ Harmony Web & Media Optimization enabled subscribers to download and view video, web pages, and files faster with fewer service interruptions .. At this deployment, the time to load web pages on mobile devices was cut in half, and download speeds of files and videos to mobile devices was boosted by 40-60%. In addition, Harmony optimization reduced the data load on the network from video and web traffic by 40% and reduced stalls while viewing video by 80%".
See "Flash Networks First to Accelerate 4G Networks" - here. See also "Survey: Mobile Networks are Near Full Capacity" - here.

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