Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Net Neutrality Follows KPN to Belgium

Jan Libbenga  reports to The Register that ".. Three political parties have joined forces to launch a proposed law (see below), which they hope will be approved early next year. If accepted, all internet traffic in Belgium needs to be treated equally, regardless of its type, with one exception: ISPs are still allowed to block heavy traffic from p2p or video services to avoid quality deterioration, as well as heavy-duty traffic from botnets. Charging for rival messaging, or VoIP services, is strictly forbidden. IPTV services through DSL or fibre will not be part of the proposal .. Belgian ISPs, including KPN's Base, are not happy with the proposed laws. They want to introduce low latency internet services for gamers and believe e-health services should be given priority. Under the proposal, these services wouldn't be acceptable".

It is a matter of life, death and gaming, as you can see.

See "Belgians aim to be third neutral-net nation" - here (First two are Chile and Netherlands).

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