Thursday, September 1, 2011

[Yankee Group]: MNOs Must Introduce Customized Price Plans (w/Examples)

A new survey by Declan Lonergan (pictured), VP, Yankee Group concludes that "Mobile network operators (MNOs) must introduce customized price plans to sustain mobile broadband (MBB) revenue growth and ensure long-term business model sustainability. Tiered pricing should be only the first step toward a more personalized approach. MNOs’ end goal must be to ensure consumers are offered MBB services that meet their specific needs in terms of preferred devices, consumption behavior and price-sensitivity"

"..  Survey respondents exhibit strong interest in paying for features that enable them to control their MBB expenditure by avoiding any unexpected charges .. A significant proportion of customers (22 percent in our survey) are also willing to pay extra for a guarantee of consistent network quality .. Most MNOs are already experimenting with new MBB pricing schemes. For example:
  • Vodafone Italy's Internet Sempre price plan is an example of a progressive European tiered MBB price plan. It offers three tier options, and throttles speeds once customer exceed their monthly data allowance. This is designed to encourage customers to upgrade to a higher-tier service. 
  • TeliaSonera's 4G/LTE pricing in Sweden offers three service tiers--each with a different price point, network speed and data allowance--which TeliaSonera positions as a fair usage limitation
  • Turkcell's MBB pricing does not feature different network speed tiers. Instead it focuses on volume-based tiering with consistent network speed".
See "Mobile Broadband Needs Customized Pricing" - here (press release) and here (extended article).

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