Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NI Announcements: Sandvine Measures Youtube and Netflix QoE

Sandvine announced " .. the addition of a Real-Time Entertainment Dashboard to its library of Network Analytics dashboards.  The new dashboard provides business intelligence that is particularly relevant to streaming audio and video traffic from providers such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify, including measurements regarding the quality of the video experience, the viewing duration, and the associated revenue generated by the adoption of over-the-top services .. Sandvine’s Real-Time Entertainment Dashboard quantifies the subscriber’s Quality of Experience (QoE) using a patent pending QoE metric based on observable factors, like start latency, buffer stalls, resolution downshifts due to lack of bandwidth, as well as resolution compared to the capability of the device.  This provides an unparalleled holistic view of transport quality in combination with presentation quality".

See "Sandvine Takes The Byte Out Of Real-Time Entertainment Metrics" - here.

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