Wednesday, September 21, 2011

QoS Announcements: NSN Adds Intelligent Broadband Management

Nokia Siemens Networks announced it has "launched Liquid Net, a new way to deliver broadband. Liquid Net allows an operator to set up its network to self-adapt to meet capacity and coverage requirements based on demand .. Liquid Net encompasses radio access, the core network and transport ; Liquid Core enables the core network (circuit-switched, packet-switched and IP Multimedia Subsystem functions) to deliver services and content, and dynamically provide the capacity needed to ensure the best customer experience at the lowest cost. This is achieved through core virtualization and intelligent broadband management".

"Based on Nokia Siemens Networks Policy Control Server (PCS), Nokia Siemens Networks Browsing Gateway (NBG), Flexi NG as well as integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN) capability, Intelligent Broadband Management offers integrated policy controlled end-to-end QoS, content adaptation and optimization, and distributed content delivery capability. It brings fully automated, self-adapting broadband optimization with best customer experience, providing the best insight engine with GGSN integrated DPI, Trendica, Traffica and radio congestion awareness" (more - here)

See "Nokia Siemens Networks taps into future of broadband with Liquid Net" - here and "Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow" - here.

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