Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Optimization Announcements: Celtro User-Aware Mobile Backhaul Traffic Management

Celtro published a short document (with no other details on its web-site) about a new product - UniqServ.

The product is said to deliver "subscriber-aware traffic management designed specifically for the mobile backhaul ..UniqServ is based on a patented user-aware traffic management model for the mobile backhaul, in which each user is managed in a dedicated queue. UniqServ enables the backhaul to identify individual user flows and manage their backhaul priority according to flexible subscriber-centric policies. During congestion events, UniqServ prevents racing conditions among TCP flows and maximizes user bit-rate and QoE".

There is no information on integration with policy managers.

Celtro compares this to current DPI solutions - "An alternative solution is throttling subscriber bandwidth with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) at the mobile core network. However, DPI in the core is unaware of real-time traffic load in the backhaul, and throttling is based solely on general peak hour traffic patterns. Thus, with no real-time awareness of actual backhaul load and shared resources usage, DPI throttling may prevent congestion in some cases - but only at the price of reduced network utilization"

See document here.

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