Friday, September 16, 2011

[Juniper Research]: MNOs Need to Spend $840B By 2016 on Backhaul

A new reprot by Nitin Bhas (pictured), Research Analyst, Juniper Research, concludes that "mobile network operators must increase capacity and intelligently optimise their backhaul networks over the next five years if they are to meet the increasing demands of mobile broadband users. According to the new mobile research report, operators need to spend almost $840 billion globally over the next five years in order to address serious bottlenecks in their backhaul networks .. The report found that microwave and fibre will dominate the backhaul market with microwave accounting for over 60% of the global mobile backhaul capacity by 2016".

Obviously, smarter solutions - Network intelligence, optimization, caching and subscriber and application aware QoS policies enforcement should be considered before adding more bandwidth, as they usually present a better ROI.

See " Mobile Network Upgrades of up to $840bn Required Over Next Five Years to Meet Burgeoning Data Demand, Finds Juniper Research" - here.

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