Thursday, September 29, 2011

Optimization Deployments [93]: Afribone [Mali] Uses Blue Coat Cache to Reduce International Bandwidth

Blue Coat announced that "Afribone, the pioneer and leading provider of Internet access in Mali, has selected Blue Coat® CacheFlow® 5000 appliances to help manage its customers’ large and growing demand for international Internet content from outside Mali .. Last year Afribone noted a significant increase in its customers’ multimedia needs, as well as significant growth in traffic to Web 2.0 sites. The number of requests directed at video-sharing websites increased massively, and bandwidth demand started to outstrip the ISP’s capacities .. Afribone has obtained immediate and spectacular benefits since deploying CacheFlow appliances, including being able to more than double its client-side bandwidth without adding additional international bandwidth".

Recently, Blue Coat announced a significant performance boost to the CacheFlow 5000 as well several ISP wins (here), mainly in countries with limited or expensive international bandwidth costs.

See "Afribone Selects Blue Coat CacheFlow Appliances to Save on Expensive International Bandwidth and Provide High Quality Web Experience" - here.

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