Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Current Analysis: "Diameter Signaling Routers Needed to Solve Connectivity, Interoperability and Addressability Issues"

Jason Emery, Director Product Management, Tekelec discusses some of the current trends in Diameter signaling in a guest article at TMC.Net.

Jason quotes Joe McGarvey (pictured), principal analyst at Current Analysis “What’s missing from current networks is the ability to handle this coming onslaught of Diameter signaling activity. The current solutions available for operators involve configuring each Diameter-based component in the network with the ability to communicate with all other components. While this addresses immediate internal issues, such a mesh-based signaling model will not scale and is not applicable to issues outside of the network related to roaming. Diameter signaling routers – as well as gateways and load balancers – relieve Diameter-based components of connectivity requirements and essentially establishes a centralized facility in the network [that] becomes the single point in the network for solving connectivity, interoperability and addressability issues

In addition, the article discusses the reasoning behind locating the Diameter router in the core network, rather than the edge.

See "Diameter Routing: Core vs. Edge" - here and my list of current vendor offering - here.

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