Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Intel Demos DPI Enabling Technology

Intel addresses DPI developers. A post by Paul Stevens (pictures), Telecom Sector Marketing Director for Advantech, on Advantech NTG blog about the recent Intel Developer Forum, says:

"One key topic for discussion related to the latest innovations in processing and software technologies that are now being utilized to great effect in Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) applications. DPI is at the core of many new and emerging applications where multicore Intel processors offer a distinct advantage over their single core siblings. They maintain all the benefits of IA technology, including ease-of-programming, timely tick-tock refresh cycles and dependability. When coupled with optimized packet processing software, our Intel-based solutions enable the creation of a more scalable range of services at significantly higher bandwidths. At IDF we were able to demonstrate the improvements generated when you combine network acceleration and optimized packet processing software with Advantech’s Intel platform enhancements. Along with our software partners we’ll showed off a number of examples of the performance gains observed across a whole range of multi-core systems".

See "Intel Developer’s Forum 2011" - here.

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