Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ipoque Launches a Real-Time Internet Statistics Site

For several years now, DPI and Optimization companies (e.g. Allot, Sandvine, Bytemobile) are publishing periodical statistics reports showing the composition of Internet traffic, based on data collection made in all or certain parts of the world.
ipoque decided to make this information available to the public on real-time basis. The company announced ".. the launch of its Internet Observatory – the Internet’s new spot for real-time Internet traffic statistics from all over the world .. with the Internet traffic mix always changing and new applications, particularly in the mobile space, constantly appearing in the market, it is time for something new: Internet Observatory traffic statistics are available live, 24 hours a day, with long-term views instead of just a snapshot"

See "ipoque Launches Internet Observatory" - here.

The project, sponsored by the European Commissions, was announced during the Broadband World Forum in Paris, shows information for Europe (at the time of my visit, on Wednesday). See below some charts.

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