Friday, September 30, 2011

Survey: "86% of providers plan to launch tiered pricing plans", but will Need New PCC

A new Heavy Reading survey, commissioned by Amdocs (following the Bridgewater acquisition) "Interviewed over 30 CSPs from Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific" shows "How CSPs think to monetize data services" and leads to understand how important is policy management - but, unfortunately, not the one most CSPs currently own (does it include current Bridgewater customers?)

Key findings are:
  • Over 90% of operators interviewed said that they are looking to create packages across LOBs, customer types or payment methods
  • Over 80% of interviewed operators said that their future plans include data plan shared between several devices (e.g. tablet, smartphone) and over 65% said their future plans include data plans shared between several family members
  • 33% of the respondents said it can be done but at a very high integration and deployment cost which will make the project unfeasible.
  • 86% of providers plan to launch tiered pricing plans
However, it seems that almost everyone is not ready yet and need to buy something new! -
  • 80 percent of respondents do not think their existing policy management systems, deployed to support network-related use cases (bandwidth management, fair usage, bill shock) can support more advanced use cases, such as data plans across multiple lines of business, payment methods and spend limits, and more;
  • 10 percent have tried to integrate charging and policy management systems and failed.
See - Amdocs press release - here; research summary - here; Light Reading story "Pure-Play Policy's Future Is Fading" - here.

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