Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DPI Deployments (9): Orange France Selects Openet and Cisco for Parental Control and Tethering Prevention

Openet announced today that its FusionWorks Policy Manage was selected by Orange France to "enable a wide range of solutions designed to deliver better network resource control and new business models based on real time customer profiles".

Press release here. The release says that:

"Openet’s FusionWorks Policy Manager product will be integrated with the Deep Packet Inspection solution from Openet partner Cisco Systems. [See "PCRF - DPI Compatibility Matrix" - here] Orange France selected Cisco’s Content Services Gateway (CSG) in conjunction with its purchase of Policy Manager from Openet. The integrated network control and monetization solution will enable Orange France to control its network resources using real time applications of complex rules based on subscriber, service or usage context."

According to Cisco's site, CSG "is no longer being sold and might not be supported. View the End-of-Life Notice". Cisco does have a number of other DPI products, including the SCE family (former P-Cube products).

Back to Openet - according to the release, Orange will use FusionWorks initially to:  
  • .. identify out-of-contract use and prevent subscribers from violating the terms of their wireless service contracts by connecting laptops to the mobile network by using their mobile phones as modems. This “tethering prevention” ability will enable Orange to limit bandwidth congestion and reduce revenue loss.
  • Orange France will also be rolling out Openet’s Parental and Content Controls solution, which will allow Orange to offer parents and guardians the ability to set limits on children’s wireless usage based on accessed content, time of day and type of service. Built on Openet’s Policy Manager product, the Parental and Content Controls Solution also provides controls to prevent access to inappropriate content and services.


  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, Cisco EOLed its CSG Service Manager, not CSG itself.

  2. Yes. you are right. Correction made.

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  4. DPI doesn't work if they use a VPN