Monday, June 27, 2011

AT&T Tests Openet & Cisco for LTE: Session based Pricing, Speed Tiers

Several sites, including Tekgoblin, report that "Documents  which were leaked [see some below] out of AT&T because of Lulzsec indicate that AT&T may be testing a LTE version of the iPad. The document also indicates that testing will occur in November and December of 2011 which means that if there was an iPad 3 at the end of this year it may not be LTE enabled".

While it is interesting to learn about the new LTE options and availability date for Apple's devices, the leaked documents also show how AT&T PCRF infrastructure will take part in LTE services (some quotes from the project plan presented in the document).

It seems also that AT&T is testing Openet and Cisco's PCRF products for that purpose.
  • "SBP [Session Based Pricing] ST scenarios - Testing will include activations, add stacked plans, add international plans, perform customer service functions using the LTE devices.  Testing will validate device is being provisioned and the proper policy from PCRF are being enforced.  Usage should be added to decrement the account when needed in order to show RTDUNS are functioning properly" 
  • "LTE - Speed Tiers - Phase 2- After the policy updates are done in PCRF, Testing will include adding of usage to LTE subscribers and ensure usage is displayed and billed correctly on the customers' bill"
 See "Leaked AT&T Documents Indicate LTE iPad, iPhone 5" - here.

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