Tuesday, August 4, 2015

DiViNetworks Launched Managed Access Service

DiViNetworks introduced its ".. DiViPipe Internet Traffic Delivery and Management Solution. .. With DiViPipe, ISPs, telecoms and infrastructure network providers, enable premium customers to classify, prioritize and distinguish cloud applications while guaranteeing bandwidth and meeting SLAs. With the new offering, DiViNetworks arms its customers with the competitive advantage for generating new revenue streams.

DiViPipe extends the operator's customers control over the network. Being Cloud-based network infrastructure, the platform provides access to PoPs at major Internet Exchanges in 5 continents.
[see map below] 

With a corporate dashboard for visibility into data traffic composition, the solution adds flexible policy definitions – set by the customer – that allows them to handle all elements of traffic management and dedicate bandwidth for cloud services. DiViPipe is enabled over the DiViCloud DDN (Data Delivery Network) platform which requires no CapEx investment and is effortlessly operated via a simple corporate desktop application.

See "DiViNetworks Introducing DiViPipe Solution To Enhance ISP Revenue Generation" - here.

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