Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Openet - Why AT&T Changed its IPad Service plans?

Michael Manzo, Openet's CMO, describes in a recent post to Openet's Blog ("Monetizing the iPad: A Case Study of Network Agility" - here) the story of managing iPad traffic on  a "Tier 1 North American wireless operator - you’ve probably noticed at this point that I haven’t named the operator as we’re not allowed" - or in a shorter name - AT&T.

We have seen the story in details already (see "DPI Deployments (10): AT&T Uses Openet for iPad Monetization" - here), and today we get an explanation of why AT&T made the change, after one month, from an unlimited access ($30/month) to $25 a month with a 2GB limit: "Presumably, it was made because the operator realized that the unlimited plan was causing far too much usage in the 30 days and it was losing money."

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