Thursday, October 28, 2010

Caching Market: PeerApp OEMs to ALU, Allot and BTI Systems

More indications to the growing [video] caching market maybe seen in a recent momentum release by PeerApp, one of the earlier players (background - here).

PeerApp indicates that Alcatel Lucent (note that ALU announced a similar partnership with Bluecoat - here), BTI Systems (here), Allot Communications and Sandvine (here) are among the vendors/integrators that they have signed OEM/reselling agreements with.
See "PeerApp Expands Partnerships and Adds 17 New Customers" - here.

"PeerApp’s customer growth represents a continued worldwide expansion with new customers coming from Argentina, Armenia, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Kuwait, Paraguay, and Thailand among others."

This list shows that caching is still used primarily as a bandwidth saving tool (rather than a QoE enhancer, with potential monetization opportunities to carriers),and is attractive in locations where the share of international bandwidth in total consumption is high and expensive.

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