Friday, May 4, 2012

[Gartner]: "CSPs should adopt these multidevice plans .. Data revenue is expected to be 65% percent of total U.S. wireless revenue"

A bit late compared to others, Gartner recognizes the importance of shared data plans for MNOs (see other reports - "Infonetics: Shared Data Plans - an Opportunity with OSS Needs" - here and "[YG]: "Operators must think of shared data plans as more than a discount threat" - here).

A new report by Hugues de la Vergne (pictured), principal research analyst at Gartner, concludes that "As the number of devices with cellular modems increases, consumers and small businesses in the U.S. will demand matching multidevice data rate plans .. Historically, CSPs have strictly been focused on individual data plans. Now the U.S. data plan market is set to begin its first real transformation, with data plans poised to evolve from plans tied to an individual device to plans that share a specified amount of data between multiple devices"

"Although billing system customization will be expensive and CSPs' current data revenue streams could decline, the risks of not offering multidevice plans, and therefore being at a competitive disadvantage, are too great"
".. Data revenue is expected to expand to become 65 percent of total U.S. wireless service revenue as voice declines to 35 percent in 2106"

See "Gartner Says Communications Service Providers Must Adopt Multidevice Data Plans to Take Advantage of Expanding Cellular Connectivity" - here.

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