Friday, August 23, 2013

[Operators Survey] Big Data will Generate New Business Models; Currently 10% of IT Budget

A new research by Julio Puschel [pictured] Informa Telecoms & Media (based on a survey conducted with approximately 120 operators in June 2013) finds that "The telecoms industry is starting to witness the initial Big Data implementations. Although these first examples are still far from building a solid proposition, they are providing a good opportunity for operators to test new applications that will influence how Big Data will evolve in the future"

".. Big Data is still ranked as a low priority by operators (see fig. 1) as most of their focus is still on efficiency, network optimization and customer experience management (CEM) .. 58% of the operators interviewed in the Informa survey agreed that the main long-term driver for Big Data will be generating new business models. However, the short-term drivers are believed to focus more on solving internal challenges, such as improving data warehousing, increasing loyalty and customer experience management".

"The research also shows that 72% of current Big Data implementations are focused on specific business applications rather than on an end-to-end solution .. Big Data currently represents 10% on average of their total IT budget. This share is expected to increase to approximately 23% in five years, demonstrating how Big Data is becoming a strategic priority for the telecoms operators"

See "48% of operators say they are already implementing Big Data" - here.

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