Saturday, August 31, 2013

[Strategy Analytics]: SDN can save MNOs more than $4B CapEx by 2017

A new study by Sue Rudd [pictured], Director, Service Provider Analysis, Strategy Analytics (sponsored by Tellabs) finds that "SDN can save mobile operators more than $4 billion in capital expenses by 2017. Savings stem from 5 key SDN applications for mobile backhaul networks [see below]".

The highest % of savings relates to Wi-Fi Offload and video redirect (over $1B). 

"The Tellabs Congestion Control Application, which it demonstrated earlier in 2013 [here], is one example of SDN in action. The application applies SDN to head off bottlenecks and reroute traffic in the backhaul network before users are aware of any problems with their service. For this demonstration, Tellabs’ approach was to add the SDN controller to its existing Tellabs® 8000 Intelligent Network Manager. This means that customers can deploy SDN seamlessly without the need to rebuild the network to achieve the advantages that SDN brings"

See "New Study Reveals: SDN Could Save Operators $4 Billion in Capital Expense by 2017" - here.

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