Sunday, September 1, 2013

[Lee Doyle]: "In the future, we will see virtualized DPI functions"

Next virtualized function - DPI. Lee Doyle [pictured], Principal Analyst, Doyle Research explains why and how.

"The virtualization of deep packet inspection will have a profound impact on network operations by providing the information required to enhance automation, policy, and security functionality .. DPI is one of the key functions specified by the NFV ETSI standards group. Improvements in CPU processing power enable DPI to run as software on standard servers .. In the future, we will see virtualized DPI functions being used pervasively throughout the network. The key is to link DPI capabilities to NFV service chains in specific applications, such as consumer mobile data apps. In addition, the tremendous volumes of data generated by DPI will need to be efficiently analyzed to improve network security and automate network operations. The ability to link DPI intelligence to policy engines will be critical to delivering new services and improving customer experience".

See "DPI: The Intelligence Engine for NFV Deployment" - here.

Procera Networks (see "Procera Goes Virtual" - here)  and Allot Communications (here) are already addressing virtualization/NFV to a certain level.

Source: Procera -PacketLogic Virtual Platforms

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