Tuesday, August 26, 2014

cPacket New Product Monitors and Correlates Links, Virtual Tunnels, and Applications

cPacket Networks announced "cClear technology for performance monitoring and optimization across physical and virtual realms of modern networks .. Existing network performance monitoring tools only provide limited information of average link utilization, which masks reliability issues like bottlenecks, spikes, microbursts, jitter, and inconsistent user experience.

cClear is the first technology to provide a correlated performance mapping of physical links, virtual tunnels, and applications behavior in real-time .. At the heart of this novel architecture are cPacket’s Smart Ports, which are high-speed and cost-effective distributed sensors based on the company’s algorithmic chip. cClear technology correlates information from multiple Smart Ports to identify intricate dependencies between the virtual overlays and the underlying physical network connectivity. Having a granular view of the performance of both the physical and virtual environments allows Network Managers to monitor traffic behaviors, identify critical bottlenecks, and make fact-driven decisions".

Unfortunately, I could not find or obtain any additional information on the new technology.  

See "cPacket’s Novel Technology Delivers Unified Performance Monitoring For Today’s Cloudy Virtual Network Environments"- here.

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