Monday, August 4, 2014

Procera Revolutionizes Location-based Mobile Traffic Management

Current congestion management and analytics solutions for mobile networks are usually based on core network located products, and are only partially aware to the real time location and congestion status of each user and base station. 

Some DPI and PCRF vendors announced solutions and partnership to overcome the lack of real-time  information, usually with the help of probes deployed in the access network (SandvineFlash NetworksAllot-AmdocsSandvine-RADCOM ; Amdocs-RADCOMHP-RADCOM).

Procera Networks is announcing today a new solution and concept, based on QoE and real time location measurements taken at the User's device - in a crowd sourcing fashion. Subject to cooperation by the users, this can lead into a much more accurate traffic management solution, implementing a real "reasonable network management" policy with real-time and long-term capacity management options. 

Procera announced the "..launch of RAN Perspectives, a ground-breaking new Subscriber Experience solution for mobile broadband operators that delivers real-time location and RAN QoE awareness. RAN Perspectives is a software solution that provides real-time location and radio access network (RAN) quality of experience (QoE) data that can be leveraged to enhance the mobile broadband experience for consumers .. dramatically reducing their deployment of probes and the costs associated with drive testing while expanding their visibility into the RAN in real-time to gain insight and take action .. RAN Perspectives is available for beta testing, and is expected to be generally available in the first quarter of 2015"

Shira Levine, directing analyst, Service Enablement and Subscriber Intelligence, Infonetics Research said: “A device-based solution such as RAN Perspectives has the potential to more effectively manage congestion while enabling a broad array of additional services, solutions and applications, which could have dramatic implications for mobile networks.”

"Unlocking real-time location awareness and RAN signal quality measurements opens up a number of operational and service opportunities that Procera will roll out over the next 12 months, with the initial offerings including:
  • Customer Care Insights solution with integrated RAN and IP mobile broadband-centric subscriber diagnostics for customer care teams
  • RAN Perspectives-based view for Insights that delivers analytics for quality, congestion, applications, and out-of-coverage hotspots in the mobile network for marketing and engineering teams.
  • RAN congestion management based on real-time location awareness to identify and take action on congested areas, enhancing subscriber QoE.
  • Location-based service plan offerings including location-specific policy enforcement and charging for marketing teams.
  • Crowd-sourced minimized drive testing and out of coverage registration for RAN engineering teams"

See "Procera Networks Launches Groundbreaking RAN Perspectives Solution for Mobile Network Operators" - here.

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