Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Procera Validates 40 Gbps Performance for its NFV Product

The DPI vendors continue to promote their NFV products (see "Allot and Procera Push NFV-based DPI" - here), with Prcera Networks already validating its perfroamce level on standard hardware.

the company announced today that "PacketLogic/V[see "Procera Goes Virtual" - hereProcera’s Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) software solution, has been benchmarked by the European Advanced Network Test Center (EANTC) at 40Gbps with fully active Internet Intelligence functionality, running on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment. 

The EANTC testing measured the performance of the PacketLogic/V solutions running on a dual socket Intel® Xeon® E5-2699v3 CPUs clocked at 2.30 Ghz and 18 cores with 64 Gigabytes of memory (RAM). The software environment for the test was Debian 7.6 and Qemu 1.6.2, as well as version of PacketLogic software. 

The tests measured the performance and latency of PacketLogic/V running in a NFV configuration with full Internet Intelligence capabilities being exercised. In the tests where PacketLogic/V was achieving 40Gbps of performance, the CPU usage never exceeded 45%, demonstrating that the performance could go higher if the platform supported more interfaces".

The following charts show the tests results in which "we sent full-stack layer 7 traffic and measured again the throughput of the system. The throughput of the system during this test was less influenced by the packet per second performance but by actually running the deep packet inspection analysis on the flows the Ixia tester generated and creating statistics on these flows" for HTTP-only and mixed traffic flows.

Throughput Performance

HTTP, YoutTube, Bittorent,SIP and Skype mix
 Throughput Performance

See "Procera Networks NFV Performance Validated by EANTC at 40Gbp/s on COTS Equipment" - here.


  1. Why does the throughput stop at around 34G in the second graph even though the CPU is only 43 ? Perhaps because only half the CPUs are used (18 out of the 36 available) ?

    To make sense of the data, the test report needs to mention the number of new flows created per second. You could show better results simply by increasing the length of flows.

    1. >> though the CPU is only 43

      45, not 43.

  2. "EANTC test report validating PacketLogic/V (Procera’s NFV solution) at 40Gbps performance with the CPU at less than 45% utilization – we simply ran out of I/O on the Intel servers that we were testing on." -