Thursday, October 9, 2014

Telenet [Belgium] Replaces DPI; Upgrades PCRF

FTS announced that ".Telenet, a long-standing FTS customer, has carried out a major upgrade to its Leap™ Policy Control software solution. Telenet, a member of the Liberty Global Group, uses Leap Policy Control for bandwidth quota and policy management. FTS’ solution serves as an integrated policy control and charging (PCC) solution within Telenet’s network and BSS environment. It provides Telenet with volume-metering [related post: "Telenet (Belgium): Unlimited, but Fair Use, Means 2.7TB per Month!" - here] and associated rating functionality for its customers and delivers the source data for the informative Telenet Telemeter portal. This deployment ensures that Telenet’s subscribers will continue to benefit from personalized packages and quotas while providing Telenet with immediate upsell opportunities". 

"This upgrade also sees FTS’ Leap Policy Control deployed within a virtual environment and includes integration with Telenet’s new DPI infrastructure. Virtualization enables Telenet to benefit from significant savings on hardware investment, ensuring a more cost effective, scalable and flexible infrastructure". 

FTS declined to comment on the identity of the new DPI supplier, who replaced the Cisco CSE [see "Cisco Expands SCE Line with a 60Gbps and Virtual Models" - here] solution used by Telenet [here], nor if the new DPI solution is virtualized as well,  

See "FTS Strengthens Relationship with Leading Belgian Telecom Provider" - here.

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