Saturday, October 11, 2014

Will Allot's $5M Order Rebound the DPI Market?

The recent announcements from Procera Networks (See "Procera: Q3 Revenues Decline by 25% Y/Y" - here), and other TEMs (Juniper), resulted in a free-fall for the pure-players DPI shares.

Allot, Procera and Sandvine Stock Performance, 5 Days
The announcement made by Allot Communications on Friday (during the holiday season and weekend in Israel) tries to regain some confidence in the market, and to show that the multi-million $  projects are still out there (but sometime they take a long time to show-up in revenue, says Sandvine - see "Sandvine: IBM is a 10% Reseller with an 'active pipeline of opportunities'" - here).

Allot's Service
Gateway Tera
Allot announced that it has " ..  received expansion orders of over five million dollars from two Tier-1 mobile operators for the Allot Service Gateway Tera for delivering value-added services to the Operators' subscribers. 

The key offering enabled by Allot is a virtualized security service which protects subscribers and boosts ARPU. This follows a $15 Million expansion order from another major Tier-1 operator [herethat was announced recently for the Allot Service Gateway Tera and associated value-added services".

See "Allot Communications Receives Expansion Orders of Over $5 Million Dollars from Two Tier-1 Mobile Operators" - here.

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