Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spirent Launches a Diameter Signaling Testing Tool

Spirent Communications introduced "..Spirent Landslide Diameter, a comprehensive solution that tests signaling protocols at scale so carriers can ensure efficient and optimized Diameter services.

.. Landslide Diameter lets carriers and their vendors emulate specific Diameter applications to test specific nodes or test the network from end-to-end to ensure that the management and monetization functions operate at extreme scale. 

The test system can be used to simulate real-world traffic scenarios or call models at scale so carriers can see what happens on a node-by-node basis. The call models can be adapted to test the impact new services and devices will have on the control network. These tests remove the guesswork out of predicting signaling traffic loads so they can adequately and effectively architect their networks.

Landslide Diameter simulates real-world control traffic scenarios at scale and emulates the interfaces and adjacent nodes required to test all the key AAA nodes including: HSS, PCRF, DRA/DSC and AAA. The solution provides the ability to test the Diameter network from end-to-end or isolate a single node". 

See "Spirent Enables Prediction and Prevention of Signaling Storm Outages with Comprehensive Diameter Testing" - here.

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