Monday, May 11, 2015

Allot CEO: We Compete Against Security Vendors

Quotes from Allot's Q1 2015 earnings call (see also "Before Procera Disappears from the Public Eye" - here), made by the president and CEO, Andrei Elefant [pictured]:
  • Answering Catharine Trebnick, VP, Senior Research Analyst, Dougherty & Company question on the competitive landscape for security value-added services:

    "So first of all, the security additional enhancements that we have on our platform. The Security-as-a-Service solutions are coming on top of our DPI and the basic service gateway capabilities. Some of the wins that I mentioned earlier together with Optenet, we delivered security services on existing platforms that were deployed there in the market with existing customers.

    However we did win some new customers together, leveraging this advantage that we have. In these projects, we competed against the security providers and not against DPI players, including a major deal that we won last quarter together with a tier-1 operator. We mentioned that in one of our press releases. And that project was purely about Security-as-a-Service, and we competed against other security providers and not against our traditional DPI competitors
  • we divide our VAS category between four groups; Security, Monetization, Analytics and Optimization. During the quarter, the monetization and security categories were leading followed by optimization and analytics, similar to the ranking in previous quarter .. Monetization and security accounted for 70% of our VAS bookings. We continued to view VAS as our main business driver in the coming years, with key strengths coming from the security and monetization categories
  • During the quarter, we had one 10% customer [in 2014, Allot derived 44% of its total revenues from two Tier 1 mobile and fixed operators - here]

See "Allot Communications' (ALLT) CEO Andrei Elefant on Q1 2015 Results - Earnings Call Transcript", by SeekingAlpha, here.


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