Wednesday, May 6, 2015

NI Deployments [354]: Telecom Italia Uses Sandvine for Customer Experience Management

Sandvine announced that Telecom Italia is a customer since 2012. TI was one of the first incumbent fixed carriers to use DPI for traffic shaping, initially with Cisco gear (see "Telecom Italia DPI Policies - Limiting only P2P Traffic" - here), This is the first time that Sandvine publicly names TI as a customer. 
The company declined to comment whether they had displaced Cisco 3 years ago for the traffic shaping tasks as the current announcement is about the network intelligence aspects of DPI: 

"Telecom Italia is using Sandvine solutions as a key part of its service operations center (SOC) and customer experience management (CEM) platform .. using data generated by Sandvine’s Business Intelligence and Usage Management products to generate key performance indicators (KPIs) for their fixed and mobile networks in Italy. The data is fed by Sandvine’s Record Generator directly to big data and SOC/CEM systems used by Telecom Italia’s internal operations, planning and marketing teams". 

"Ensuring a high quality web-browsing and video experience are essential for helping Telecom Italia provide the best possible service to their subscribers. Sandvine provides Telecom Italia with numerous attributes used to measure both web and video quality, so that Telecom Italia can proactively diagnose network issues and identify quality-related network trends before they impact their subscribers"

See "Sandvine Helps Telecom Italia Elevate Customer Experience Management" - here.

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