Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Orange Teams w/ConteXtream to Introduce NFV-Based Subscriber-Aware Services

ConteXtream announced that "Orange Silicon Valley (OSV), a subsidiary of Orange has teamed up with ConteXtream in using and testing Contextream’s ContexNet carrier-grade SDN fabric. 

ContexNet is part of OSV’s NFV/SDN testbed for creating a solution that virtualizes Gi-LAN services and provides network interconnectivity and visibility with subscriber-level granularity".

Christos Kolias [pictured], senior research scientist and principal of the Netsquared Studio at OSV said: “ConteXtream could be a great partner as they have a history of helping carriers seamlessly transition to virtualized network. By leveraging ContexNet, we can create a programmable network and work with best-of-breed vendors for various network functions to quickly introduce new services while easily managing the network. 

This is part of our innovative E2E, integrated NFV/SDN testbed with the goal to enable us, our partners and customers to showcase solutions and potentially for third-parties to test theirs.”

See "Orange Silicon Valley Partners with ConteXtream to Evaluate its Subscriber-Aware SDN Fabric" - here.

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