Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sandvine: Many of the [Many] 50 PCRF Vendors have Dead Roadmaps

Sandvine's SDE
After showing success in the PCRF market (see "Sandvine Wins 3 PCRF Deals" - here), Sandvine's CEO, Dave Caputo, provided his insights for the market and opportunity during the 2nd quarter earning call:
  • We see a PCRF replacement cycle occurring as the demand of voice-over-LTE overwhelmed earlier generation products. That plays extremely well into the strength of Sandvine's PCRF .. the win was the mix of new and existing customers
  • Sandvine has the only PCRF that supports mobile and cable standards as well as other interfaces that facilitates deployment in any mobile, fixed, or converged network
  • We happily would work with any existing PCRF vendor that a service provider has deployed
  • we've seen is there has been some consolidation in the space notably Oracle has made some moves here. And as people are renewing their support and maintenance for as aspects of roadmaps might being abandoned
  • And there were many, many players, there is as many as may be 50 PCRF vendors [here] out there. And lot of them only had success with one, two or three customers with the exception of a couple of the top players .. and so you could imagine there are some very dead roadmaps out there on those 50 vendors that only had one, two, three, four wins

See "Sandvine's (SNVNF) CEO Dave Caputo on Q2 2015 Results - Earnings Call Transcript", by SeekingAlphahere.

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