Saturday, July 11, 2015

Is there a problem in the DPI Market ? (Part 3)

After wondering (here) if the revenues misses for Sandvine and Allot were just a matter of longer sales cycles and acceptance processes or a market problem, I thought I'd look at my historical posts (I am doing this for more than 5 years) and see what analysts were predicating then and recently:
  • My very first post (Jan 31st, 2010, here) showed Infonetics' Research predicting that " .. the market for standalone DPI products to grow rapidly, reaching $1.5 billion worldwide by 2013"
  • The latest report from Infonetics showed that the DPI market size for 2014 was  ~$900M - see "Infonetics Reaffirms DPI Market CAGR: 22% ('13'-'18); Driven by LTE" (here)

  • ABI Research had similar predictions in June 2010 "Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) will lead the field of mobile network test and optimization solutions by 2013 and is expected to generate equipment revenues of $1.3 billion in 2015" (here)
Conclusion? Analysts tend to be positive about the markets they cover, and the vendors they speak to are even more optimistic. 

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