Thursday, February 28, 2013

[ABI] CEM Market $1.3B; Needs Policy and DPI; HP, IBM, Amdocs Lead

A recent research by Aditya Kaul (pictured), practice director, ABI Research concludes that "..  it’s only recently that CEM has been applied in mobile .. sizes the CEM opportunity in 2013 at $1.3 billion across the network and IT domains, although roughly 80% of the market is dominated by the IT domain in areas like BSS/OSS, CRM, and SDP"

The Mobile CEM landscape today is dominated by IT vendors such as HP, Amdocs, and IBM which are leveraging strengths in IT combined with a heavy focus on customer analytics and data mining. However, for CEM to succeed, the network piece including network monitoring, optimization, DPI and policy, has to go hand-in-hand with the IT piece, which is where traditional network vendors come in .. Ultimately, CEM only becomes relevant if done end-to-end, with a single point of ownership within the carrier; something like a NASA mission control with a CEM commander at its helm, having multiple views across Network and IT domains.”

See "Customer Experience Management for Mobile Is a Billion Dollar Market Opportunity in 2013, Spanning Both Network and IT Domains" - here.

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