Friday, February 8, 2013

Volubill Helps Roaming Monetization

The next opportunity in mobile monetization - roaming. Following the upcoming EU regulations (see below) MNOs should work harder in keeping roamers in their network. Following Openet (here), Volubill announced its support for Roaming policy management. 

Volubill announced that its "Volubill Business System (VBS) delivers a series of functions critical for monetizing local break out (LBO) of data services that can help operators offer more compelling roaming packages to consumers, benefit from forthcoming European roaming regulations, and tap in to previously-inaccessible subscriber groups. By uniquely combining policy control and charging capabilities in a single solution, VBS allows operators to extend competitive service offerings to visiting subscribers using their existing devices via LBO with sophisticated functions like self-care portals, real-time payment processing, instant provisioning and MVNO hosting"

The Volubill Business System enables operators to profit from local break out for roamers by offering compelling data roaming packages using the following key capabilities:
  • Offer visitors a range of personalized data and other sophisticated value-added services and content, packaged accordingly to usage limits or validity dates.
  • Dynamic charging for roaming packages where subscribers are only charged when the package is used, and with options for dynamic auto renewal. 
  • Real-time payment processing via a subscriber’s credit card, PayPal account, existing home operator account, or other methods for both pre-pay and post-pay data models. 
  • Active customer usage notifications to alert subscribers before they reach their plan limits. 
  • Free self-care portals for subscribers to top-up, renew or adjust their plans. 
  • Host policy control and charging functions with full remote and interoperable access for MVNOs and Resellers"

See "Volubill’s Policy Control and Charging Solutions Allow Operators to Monetize Local Break Out for Roamers" - here.

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