Friday, February 1, 2013

FCC Adds Spectrum for Gigabit Wi-Fi

Julius Genachowski (pictured). Chairman, FCC, says in a LinkedIn post - ".. Wi-Fi congestion is becoming a critical problem for consumers and innovators .. That’s why last week I announced that the FCC, in coordination with other federal agencies, is kicking off an effort to free up unlicensed spectrum for ultra-high-speed, high-capacity Wi-Fi, known as “Gigabit Wi-Fi” This action would increase speeds and alleviate Wi-Fi congestion at major hubs such as airports, convention centers and large conference gatherings .. This effort would also increase the speed and capacity for Wi-Fi in the home, where multiple users and devices – including those streaming HD video – are often on the network at the same time".

See "Boosting Wi-Fi Speed and Reducing Wi-Fi Congestion Key for Innovation & Consumers" - here.

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