Friday, February 22, 2013

Huawei: New Traffic Management Products and Deployments

Huawei issued a number of press releases related to traffic management solutions:
  • Value Growth Solution 2.0 (VGS2.0) - "the company’s second generation traffic management solution, which integrates an operator’s IT & CT layers, offering innovative approaches to boosting user experience and traffic revenue. This solution highly integrates analytic engine, dynamic charging system, PCRF, PCEF and network enabler, shortening TTM via IT & CT orchestration and preset cases. It realizes dynamic policy control and implementation of flexible tariff plans, improving network utilization efficiency by E2E network resources allocation. At the same time, it gives power to the users so that they are able know and control their data consumption in real time".    

    "Huawei VGS has been successfully deployed by 150 operators in 60 countries, including China Mobile, MegaFon (Russia - see "MegaFon[Russia] Uses Huawei (and Cisco and NSN) for Traffic Managementhere.), Etisalat (UAE), and Telenor (Norway)"

    See "Huawei to Debut Value Growth Solution 2.0 at Mobile World Congress 2013
    " - here.
  • Successful completion of trials for its Service Quality Improvement (SQI) solution - "..on networks in Turkey, Belgium, and Spain. Huawei's SQI solution objectively measures network service quality, precisely identifies network quality issues, and realizes quality of service (QoS) improvements.
    Huawei's SQI solution makes a set of KQI definitions that more precisely measure real user experience. With revamped related-analysis methodology, it locates E2E the root cause of a network issue. Compared to traditional network KPI optimization routines, the SQI solution's innovative methods improve voice and data QoS while reducing costs and increasing efficiency"

    See "Huawei SQI Solution Shown to Improve Quality of Service on Networks in Turkey, Belgium, and Spain" - here

  • Video call quality assurance solution -  "based on a new Flow Priority Indicator (FPI) technology. The solution provides end-to-end quality assurance and charging functions for subscribers of video call service packages, improving user experience and bringing new revenue potential for operators .. Huawei's FPI technology was designed to meet the needs of both operators and subscribers. In scenarios where bandwidth is limited, subscribers who have purchased video call service packages supported by FPI are given a higher priority and can enjoy better video call service quality. Utilizing the Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF), the solution matches the services subscribers are using with their purchased subscriptions to prioritize limited network resources. FPI also precisely calculates service assurance duration and uplink and downlink traffic, supporting operators for content charging and operation of premium and high-value services".

    See "Huawei Launches FPI Video Call Quality Assurance Solution for Operator Revenue Growth" - here.


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