Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sprint, ALU and IXIA to Support LTE Acceleration Lab in Israel

Sprint announced "..its plan to support an LTE acceleration lab in Tel Aviv, Israel, later in 2013. In collaboration with the Israel Mobile & Media Association (IMA), the LTE lab will add significant momentum to the Israeli-based ecosystem of startups and developers. Well-known for its prowess in the high-tech industry, Israel is ranked second behind Silicon Valley among top startup ecosystems"

" .. At the LTE lab, startups will be welcome to work on their ideas, collaborate with other companies, and see what evolves, with minimal carrier direction. Although Sprint will benefit from having an early look at the technology that may result from this collaborative effort, Sprint has an open approach to development and support for the environment .. the equipment will be provided by Alcatel-Lucent, and the lab will collaborate with their ng Connect Program, an Alcatel-Lucent-founded multi-industry ecosystem dedicated to the creation of the next-generation user experience for connected consumers".

LTE acceleration LAB founders -  Sprint, IMA, Alcatel-Lucent and IXIA
IXIA is also supporting the lab and announced that "Acceleration Lab will employ IxLoad and IxNetwork to enable secure and reliable application delivery for participating startups .. The lab is equipped with high-end testing gear for load, conformance, quality of service, and interoperability and LTE network testing, and is facilitated with Orange Israel and Telefonica network APIs. In addition, it contains a pool of more than 2,000 handsets and other technical services and capabilities. Now, with IxLoad and IxNetwork, startups and developers have the data needed to eliminate guesswork about the performance and security of their applications" (here).

Stephen Bye, announcing Sprint support for the LTE acceleration Lab

Stephen Bye, CTO, Sprint said at the  4GIsrael (organized by IMA)  “As a complement to our efforts to unlock innovation in the United States, this Sprint-sponsored LTE acceleration lab will allow startups and developers in Israel valuable access to dramatically speed up their time to market .. We are committed to an open developer environment, creating opportunities for innovative services, products and technologies to be developed and launched on the Sprint LTE network”.

See "Sprint to Support Launch of IMA LTE Acceleration Lab for Startups in Israel" - here.

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